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Based on FID conversion tool, it is possible to calculate real VOC emissions to atmosphere on various canalised outputs of an industrial site for a specified duration (using carbon equivalent concentrations, throughputs and outputs working durations).

A picture of canalised outputs is shown below:

This tool works with mono or multi solvents and weight solvent composition must be evaluated. In most cases it can be considered the same as the weight liquid composition at the output source.

Example of calculation:

On a painting industry unit, two canalised outputs are present. Normalised FID measurements results are as follows:

Output 1 :

  • Throughput = 1500 Nm3/h,
  • Average concentration (in carbon equivalent) = 220 mgC/Nm3

Output 2 :

  • Throughput = 2800 Nm3/h,
  • Average concentration (in carbon equivalent) = 165 mgC/Nm3

Annual usage duration of these two outputs is 1872 hours; it is considered that measurement results are representative of average emissions.

Average gas emission composition (corresponding to the average composition of liquid solvents used) is:

  • Toluene : 30%,
  • Isopropanol : 22%,
  • MIBK : 48%.

Real annual calculated solvent emission to atmosphere (including both canalised outputs) is: 2285 kg of VOC.

Emission per output is:

  • Output 1 : 952.1 kg of VOC
  • Output 2 : 1333 kg of VOC

Emission per product is:

  • Toluene : 685.5 kg
  • Isopropanol : 502.7 kg
  • Methyl isobutyl ketone : 1096.9 kg

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